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Taps with Levers

Lever Taps, Brassware,

Thermostatic bath and

 sink fillers to protect

against scalding

Shower with lever controls

There are various considerations when selecting taps and mixers (generically known as 'brassware') when the user may have difficulty operating the device or if thermostatic control is necessary to prevent scalding.

More specifically, if rotating a knob is difficult through impaired strength or the inability to grip, especially with wet hands, lever controls can be the solution.

Elderly and disabled persons may also suffer from reduced sensitivity and the inability to sense and therefore react to extremes of temperature thereby risking scalding should water escape from a tap too hot.

Thermostatically controlled Bath Fillers

Although scalding in baths has been a serious issue for many years, the advent of walk in baths has accentuated the need for a means to prevent the very real risk of scalding while the bath fills.

Consider, when a walk in bath is used the occupant gets in, closes the door and begins to fill. At this moment a risk of scalding exists. If by accident water enters the bath at a high temperature the bather, unable to react quickly enough, may suffer horrific injuries as scalding water pours on their feet.

Happily, the solution is fairly simple. By incorporating thermostatic control into the supply water temperature can be both regulated and stabilised.

There are essentially two ways this may be achieved. Firstly, to install brassware that incorporates thermostatic control internally, or secondly, by incorporating a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) into the supply to the hot water tap. The all-in-one thermostatic control is by far the easiest method for domestic applications but limits the design of brassware. Whereas incorporating a TMV in the system allows the use of more or less any brassware as protection is assured before water reaches the outlet point.

While thermostatic control is actually a necessity on some domestic hot water systems (for example: mains pressure hot water systems - unvented systems and combi boilers) it is very good idea no matter where hot water is on tap and can prevent horrendous injury to young and old, fit or infirm alike.

The following represents a range of products designed to enhance safety and aid the user's ability to operate.

Bath Fillers and Bath Shower Mixer

Lever controls and thermostatic protection. An excellent safeguard against scalding on any bath

Bristan OPAC Thermostatic Lever Bath Filler


Bristan OPAC Thermostatic bath filler with dual lever controls

Lever Bath Filler

OPAC Thermostatic Bath Filler


Bristan OPAC TMV3 Thermostatic bath filler


Bath Filler

Bristan Design Utility Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer with lever control

Bristan Design Utility Thermsotatic bath shower mixer with paddle style lever controls

Lever Bath Shower Mixer

Shower Kits - Handsets, hoses and Riser Rails

Shower kits, Shower Handsets, Shower Hoses and Riser Rails


Shower Handsets and Riser Kits

Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer


Bristan Artisan Thermsotatic bath shower mixer


Optional shower kit may be attached

Artisan Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer with lever control

Bristan Artisan Thermsotatic bath shower mixer with lever controls


Bath shower mixer with levers

Artisan Thermostatic Bath Filler


Bristan Artisan Thermostatic bath filler


Bath Filler only

Artisan Thermostatic Bath Filler with lever control


Bristan Artisan Thermostatic bath filler with lever controls


Bath Filler with levers


Artisan Thermostatic Basin Mixer

Bristan Artisan thermostatic basin mixer


Thermostatic Basin Mixer

Artisan Thermostatic Lever Handle Basin Mixer

Bristan Artisan thermostatic basin mixer with lever controls


Basin Mixer with levers


Walk in bath taps