EASA Elegance split shower door with extender(L3)


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A shower door with split 'stable style' opening & extender panel


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Split 'stable style' shower door with extender panel (L3)

EASA Elegance L3 is a variant of the L2 model and includes a fixed glass extender panel. With all the benefits of a split 'stable style' shower door, the extender panel can serve to stand off the point at which the door hinges (useful to avoid things like bathroom fixtures or sanitary ware) or to simply extend the area the door will enclose without widening the door itself.

The L3 variant is available in two size ranges and will enclose widths up to 1000mm or in the extra wide version for up to 1400mm.

The door with extender panel can be used to enclose an alcove or as part of a corner enclosure. A pair of extra wide L3 doors is an excellent way to create an extra large enclosure.

EASA Elegance L3 'stable style' shower doors with fixed extender panels used as a pair to create a corner shower enclosure

Image: Illustrated above is a corner shower enclosure utilising two L3 stable style doors with extender panels, one left hand and one right hand meeting at the corner.

Please note: these doors are sold individually - with hinge on left or right (A single door comprises upper and lower section + extender panel). To create a corner shower enclosure (as shown in image below) you will need to order two doors (one left handed and one right handed). Please don't hesitate to call if assistance is required.

This style of door is suitable for use with a alcove, either singly or as a pair. This door style may also be mixed or matched with any of the other doors/panels in the Elegance range.

Image below shows a corner enclosure comprising an L1 panel in conjunction with an L3 Door.

Ideal for carer assistance

An excellent solution when carer assistance is necessary. A carer can stand outside the shower enclosure and lean in through the open top sections of the 'stable style' doors that can be opened independently of the lower section.


Space for a wheelchair

An extra large shower enclosure will accommodate a wheelchair comfortably and afford the user plenty of space to manoeuvre in a bright and airy environment. Being able to open the top section of the door reduces that claustrophobic feeling that can sometimes accompany the overbearing nature of more traditional style enclosures towering over a seated bather.

Available to fit your requirements precisely

The L3 split door can be paired with any of the doors/panels in the Elegance range to form a corner or alcove shower enclosure. The L3 is a bespoke product that can be made to any size up to 1400mm. Please refer to the pricing table below and provide details of your required dimensions when ordering.

EASA Elegance L3 Price List

EASA Elegance L3 split opening 'stable style' shower door with extender panel

incl VAT (each)

L3 Full height split opening shower door 1900mm high with extender panel up to 1000mm wide 553.80
L3 Full height split opening shower door 1900mm high with extender panel up to 1400mm wide 591.24
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