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Products > Wet Rooms and disabled shower enclosures

Wet rooms, disabled shower enclosures, low profile shower trays, shower pods

There's so much to choose from! Take a look through this extensive range if you are planning a shower area. Many options lend themselves perfectly to wheelchair access, low or level access shower facilities, carer assisted showering and special needs applications.

Bath Replacement Shower Enclosure

Bath replacement shower enclosure

Replacing a bath with a shower is becoming a very popular adaption. Whether mobility has become an issue or a desire to reduce water consumption, a bath replacement shower package is available.

Clever use of wall panelling reduces installation time by negating the need to re-tile or repair rough surfaces exposed when the old bath is removed. Pipework and supplies can also be conveniently hidden.

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Novellini Free Fresco shower enclosure

Corner entry corner shower enclosure with twin stable style doors

A beautifully designed Italian shower enclosure in glass with saloon/stable door design permitting the top half to be opened while keeping the bottom section closed.

A minimalist Italian creation that will adorn the bathroom of any home. Crafted in glass, the minimalist semi-frameless design subtly hides the ability for the top half of each door to be opened whilst keeping the lower section closed - facilitating carer assistance should it be required or making wheelchair showering less claustrophobic.  Click here for further info


EASA Elegance glass shower doors and screens

EASA Elegance shower doors and screens

A range of semi-frameless shower doors and screens with numerous options and configurations to facilitate most shower requirements.

Doors and panels are made from toughened safety glass.

The range includes 'stable style' (split) doors to aid carer assistance, bi-fold doors, extended doors and panels and all are suitable for use in corner and alcove scenarios.


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Swift-Fit complete shower cubicles

Swiftfit shower toilet cubicle
Complete two and three sided disabled shower enclosures.

Supplied as sectional kits, each contains a shower tray, enclosure walls, half height screens and doors.

Also available with toilet, basin and roof panel. Simply customise the configuration and size that meets with your requirements.

Ideal for wheelchair access.

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Shower pods - leak free showers that require no tiling

Coram shower pods - guaranteed leak free for life

Easily installed shower pods are guaranteed leak free

Have you ever suffered from damp caused by leaky showers and tiles.

The new generation of leak free shower pod and one piece cubicle banish dampness for good.

If there's nowhere for the water to escape other than the waste outlet you can be assured of leak free satisfaction for years.

Easily installed and just as quickly removed.

The perfect solution to this all too common problem.

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Half height hinged shower doors and screens

Supreme half height shower doors and screen facilitate easy access for carer assistance

SUPREME Half height shower doors

Premium quality half height shower doors and screens for corner and alcove installation.

Designed to facilitate carer assistance, numerous half height door configurations suitable for low and level access shower trays and wet room shower floors.

Easy to operate, light and easy to use.

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EASA Evolution half height shower doors

EASA Evolution half height shower doors


A most attractive range of half-height shower doors available with clear toughened glass or polycarbonate panels.

Great for use by all the family, and especially by a wheelchair user or for carer assistance.

The EVOLUTION Collection of half-height shower doors will adorn any bathroom.

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IMPEY UK FREEGLIDE half height sliding hinged shower doors

FREEGLIDE half height sliding hinging shower doors by IMPEY UK.

The FREEGLIDE range of half height sliding shower doors

The ideal solution where maximum access is required but space is limited. Sliding into themselves and hinging, these shower doors work well with low level shower trays and wet room floors to create corner and alcove shower areas.

The half height design facilitates carer assistance and provides a non-claustrophobic environment in which to shower.

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Wet room showers - Everything you need

Wet rooms and specialist wet room equipment

Everything you need to design and create the perfect wet room.

Floor formers, waterproof tanking systems, floor waste outlets, shower screens, under tile heating etc.

It's all here and ready to make your job so much easier.

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Portfolio half height disabled shower areas

PORTFOLIO disabled shower enclosures with half height doors and panels

Super selection of half height shower enclosures for corners or alcoves.

Sold as packs that include shower tray, half height panels and doors, shower curtain and rail and supports where required.

Easy selection from a multitude of configurations. XL Showers.

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Freestanding portable shower screens

Free standing portable shower screen

2 and 4 panel portable shower screens

Lightweight, portable and freestanding. These shower screens have an immediate advantage where permanent shower screens are either unnecessary or impossible.

From the Supreme collection and made to the same exacting specifications, the powder coated frames and anti-shatter semi-opaque panels are designed to be durable.

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Premium Quality Shower Curtains

Premium quality weighted shower curtains and rails
Top quality heavy weight shower curtains with weighted hems and shower curtain rails.

Available to suit most sizes shapes of shower area.

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Blackdown Low Level Shower Trays

Blackdown low level shower trays ideal for disabled showers

Easy Access low level shower tray

Low profile shower trays that can be installed on the floor surface for super low access, or recessed into the floor for level access.

Incredibly strong. Feature a 'centre wall waste outlet point'.

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Quantock Low Level Shower Trays

Low profile shower trays from the Quantock range ideal for a level acces shower
Similar low profile properties as the Blackdown shower trays but feature a corner waste outlet point,



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Slimline 35 low profile shower trays

Slimline 35 shower trays - ultra low profile

Ultra-low profile shower tray suitable for low level and level access (when recessed).

Skirting duct and additional ramp options. Capable of withstanding up to 40st (250kg) making them ideal where a carer or wheelchair may add to the loaded weight.

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The Mendip Shower Tray

(Low level shower tray with above ground waste)

Low level shower tray with above ground waste outlet - The Mendip shower tray

This clever low level shower tray is the ultimate solution where low level easy access is needed but so is an above ground waste pipe (where the floor might be solid for example). Mendip offers the best of both worlds.


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Variable length low profile shower tray

Variable length shower tray - cut to length
A variable length tray can prove invaluable when installing to an alcove if dimensions do not lend themselves exactly to industry standard shower tray sizes. Simply cut to length for a snug fit.

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