Level Access Shower Trays

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Ultra low profile level access shower trays by EASA


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Ultra low profile shower trays

Ultra low shower tray for near level access. Superior quality by EASA.

There are several ways to achieve 'level access' to a shower area. You can construct a Wet Room where the shower area is an integral part of the floor of the room, or you can rebate a low profile shower tray into the bathroom floor so it is level with the surrounding area. As with many things in life there is a trade-off with each.

As beautiful and functional as they are, wet rooms are not the cheapest option and can take quite a while to construct.

Rebating a low level tray into the floor has its drawbacks too. Although quicker to install, it can be difficult to seal the joint between the tray and the adjacent floor. Should there be a leak it may be a while before you find out as water always escapes downward without much initial fuss.

This ultra low level shower tray could be the solution to quick installation, level access and excellent water integrity.

With just a 4.5mm thick flanged edge, this ultra low profile shower tray installs to a rebate but the flange sits over the adjacent floor where a good water seal can be made. In effect it becomes a hybrid of the wet room and recessed tray concepts, sharing the best qualities of each.

So often we hear stories of woe where an inexperienced installer has created a wet room with either a negative slope or a near zero slope so a remedy is sought such as a 'stick on bump' to retain run-off. This type of tray addresses such an issue by incorporating the 'bump' (and that is what it amounts to) around its perimeter. Furthermore, the sides abutting the walls have upstands and tiling lips to ensure water can never escape where the wall and tray meet - a notoriously difficult place to achieve a permanent seal.

Level access shower tray installation diagram


19mm fall (perimeter to waste outlet)

60mm perimeter up-stand (2 sides against the walls)

22mm tiling lip

95mm projection of waste trap under tray


Available in a range of sizes:

SQUARE Ultra low / level access shower trays

900mm x 900mm Level Access shower tray by EASA 970mm x 970mm Level Access shower tray by EASA
1050mm x 1050mm Level Access shower tray by EASA

Size (mm)




900 x 900 n/a 295.00
970 x 970 n/a 310.00
1020 x 720 L or R 310.00
1200 x 800 L or R 325.00
1220 x 770 L or R 325.00
1050 x 1050 n/a 337.00
1265 x 865 L or R 369.00
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RECTANGULAR Ultra low / level access shower trays

EASA Level access shower tray 1020mm x 720mm
Level Access shower tray 1200mm x 800mm
1220mm x 770mm Level Access shower tray by EASA
1265mm x 865mm Level Access shower tray by EASA



Waste outlet gully and trap for the Level Access shower tray by EASA

Level Access shower trays by EASA