Swift Fit disabled shower cubicles



         Disabled shower enclosures with low level easy access and half height shower doors.       


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Self contained walk in shower cubicles with half height doors


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Swift-Fit disabled shower cubicle range from Impey UK

This easy-to-install all-in-one shower cubicle range has been designed to  facilitate a shower with easy access for use by a disabled person or somebody who has difficulty getting in and out of a normal shower or bath. The all-in-one design that can be customised to your requirement saves you installation time and negates the need for expensive and messy alterations to your property.


Low level easy access shower facilities easily installed anywhere in the home

Providing a dedicated washing environment that can be instantly installed anywhere in the home, Swift-Fit Shower Cubicles are available in three different styles depending on the needs on the user. All three come with a choice of shower tray, half height shower doors, full length shower curtain, full length grab rail and full height side panels and a host of options for the bespoke design. You might include a roof, shower light & extractor fan and access ramps.


Leak free shower facilities with a 5 year guarantee

Manufactured from a strong and durable material known as TRESPA, the Swift-Fit Shower Cubicles are easy to clean, require no additional tiling and come with an unrivalled 5 year warranty. In addition to all of these features, installation of the main cubicle structure (excluding the shower tray) can be done within 30 minutes.


Self contained, leak free shower pods. Easy to install. No tiling necessary.
Features & Benefits:

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  • Fully customisable to your specification
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional adaptations
  • Cubicle manufactured from strong and durable TRESPA
  • Smooth & impermeable surface for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for temporary and semi-permanent installations
  • No additional tiling required
  • Half height shower door options
  • Includes a self supporting shower tray
  • Tray options can be set into floor for level access
  • Support rail options
  • Range of accessories
  • Shower waste pump compatible
  • Unrivalled 5 year warranty


Impress shower cubicle with corner entry half height pivot doors

Impress 2 sided Shower Cubicle

Full height self contained leak free corner shower enclosures that require no tiling. Supplied with various half-height door options. Available for right or left hand corner installation.

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Snowdon self contained shower pod with half height pivot doors

Snowdon 3 sided Shower Cubicle

A three sided shower enclosure with half height doors to the front. Leak free design. No tiling required. Optional roof panel to create a self contained cubicle.

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Snowdon ensuite shower toilet pod with half height pivot shower doors

Snowdon 3 sided Shower with Toilet Cubicle

Similar enclosure to the Snowdon shower cubicle but with the addition of a wall hung WC. Also available with a wash basin making it ideal for self contained ensuite facilities anywhere in the house.

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Disabled shower enclosures with low access, half height shower doors and curtain. No tiling required. Leak free.