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MAXI GRIP & MAXI GRIP Plus Support Rails

MAXI GRIP Plus high visibility grab rail

Pictured above: The MAXI GRIP Plus grab rail with adjustable angle joint

MAXI GRIP grab rail (White)

Maxi-Grip Plus is a unique design that redefines what a grab rail 'should be'... square!

The square cross-section sits surprisingly comfortably in the hand. Being square the amount of pressure required to grip the rail without the hand slipping round reduces considerably, returning a feeling of solid purchase and security.

MAXI GRIP Plus (Grey/White)

Maxi-Grip Plus has been developed with the help of the RNIB and takes the square design to another level. The corners of Maxi-Grip Plus are made from a soft grip polymer for extra comfort which is colour contrasting for improved visibility - an invaluable aid for the visually impaired.

  • Colour contrasting design
  • Can support up to 150kg
  • Soft grip for extra comfort
  • Square profile for improved grip
  • Easy assembly
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Adjustable angles (90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees)

A Modular system that assembles as you want it

MAXI GRIP Plus is a modular system. This is to say, you can choose various stock lengths that assemble with simple yet clever adjustable angle joints.


Perfect for installers

If you have a large project you might like to purchase Maxi Grip Plus in 1.8 metre lengths and cut to match the length of rail as the job requires. (available in packs of 4 and 10)

By cutting the rail and adding the adjustable corner angles which can be set at either 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees and 30 degrees, an installer can overcome the simplest or most complex custom installation.

Interior structural strength

Maxi-Grip Plus uses a square aluminium box section for reinforcement and it is orientated so that each of the 4 points intersect the flat sides of the square PVC handle extrusion. This provides maximum strength and allows the rail to safely support 150kg.

MAXI GRIP & MAXI GRIP Plus Pricelist
Rail Length Code Price inc VAT
300mm IGC30W  
450mm IGC45W  
600mm IGC60W  
900mm IGC90W  
Straight rails are supplied with two end brackets.
Adjustable angle joints DATA SHEET  
45 degree White IGA45W  
90 degree White IGA90W  
MAXI GRIP Plus (Grey & White) DATA SHEET
300mm IGS30W  
450mm IGS45W  
600mm IGS60W  
900mm IGS90W  
Straight rails are supplied with two end brackets.
Adjustable angle joints    
45 degree Grey/White IGA45G  
90 degree Grey/White IGA90G  
For Installer Packs (that include multi-packs of rails, brackets and angles to be cut/trimmed on site) please call

45 Degree Adjustable Angle Joint 90 Degree Adjustable Angle Joint


MAXI GRIP rail details





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