MAESTRO Compact Walk in Bath with door at front

CAVERSHAM Walk-in Bath

Tub style walk in bath with side entry door

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The CAVERSHAM Walk in bath

The CAVERSHAM walk in bath makes excellent use of space in your bathroom. Its footprint easily fits inside the space of a normal conventional style bath - even giving some room back!

The side entry door provides good access and is secured closed by means of an external easy-to-operate single level.

The 'tub' style of bath offers several advantages over traditional low-level models. Because the tub type is taller the bath offers excellent support to the user on entry and exit. This can often negate the need for additional grab rails. The seat height is similar to that of a dining room chair, so if sitting and standing at the dining table can be managed there may be no need to consider a bath with a lifting seat.

Being tall offers another benefit, you can fill it deeper than a normal bath and therefore enjoy better immersion - a deep soak.

If you wish to maximise your bathing time why not add the optional hydro massage sap system with 12 jets and three speed settings. Enjoy the warm water as it massages your body gently - great for soothing away aches and pains.

Last be definitely not least is the Chromotherapy lighting system. Light is believed by many to affect health and mood. Relax as your water fluoresces.

CAVERSHAM walk in bath

(Shown above, a CAVERSHAM walk in bath tucked neatly into a corner)


Capacity: 225 litres (unoccupied)



Length 1210 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 965mm (max)


Features of the CAVERSHAM walk in bath:

Caversham diagram 1

Key features:

  • Inward opening side entry door

  • single lever door lock

  • Premium quality durable construction

  • Side panel included

  • Twin waste outlets for rapid emptying

  • Step in 150mm (min)

  • 12 Jet 3 speed spa option

  • Chromotherapy lighting option

Caversham diagram 2

As with all walk in baths we strongly recommend the use of a Thermostatically controlled taps or a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) on the hot water inlet of this bath to prevent scalding. If you require further information please ask.




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Maestro Compact Walk in Bath with door at front


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