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         LOUISIANA walk in shower bath       

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A walk in bath with inward opening curved glass door - optional lift and shower screen


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Products > Walk in baths > Louisiana walk in bath and shower

Louisiana Walk in Bath

A full length walk-in shower bath with inward opening side door and shower screen



This bath has been withdrawn from sale.

Please take a look through the other models we offer



The Louisiana walk in P shaped bath with shower

Louisiana walk in bath. Shown here is the Louisiana 3 walk in bath with powered llifting seat, side entry via glass door, full height shower screen and the TMV3 tap and spout set.

The Louisiana walk in bath might be considered by some to be the perfect retrofit product when considering a bathroom conversion.

Even if space is at a premium, the Louisiana bath is available in a choice of 1500mm and 1700mm lengths.

Choosing a Louisiana bath might even give you facilities you previous thought impossible because of space.

As its name suggests, the Louisiana bath shower offers shower and bathing facilities. An optional shower screen is available that perfectly mirrors the shape of the lower glass access door for true aesthetic harmony.

The lifting seat may be a belt type or rigid (rigid shown in the pictures below). Each seat type can easily be removed should the needs of another more ambulant member of the family differ.

Generous internal space in teh Louisiana 3 walk in bath with shower and lifting seat.

Louisiana walk in bath glass entry door and locking mechanism Stainless steel lift off hinges on the Louisiana walk in bath

Louisiana walk in bath. Clean lines. Note the release buttons on the lifting seat that enable it to be removed when not required or for cleaning.

The Louisiana walk in shower bath will meet with the varying needs of many. A spacious 'P' shaped footprint offering a roomy shower, a detachable lifting seat that will gently lower and raise you should you prefer a bath.

Capacity: 290/328 litres

Length 1500mm / 1700mm
Width: 750 min, 1000mm Max
Height 565mm (excl. upper glass door)

Picture shows the Louisiana 3 bath with curved glass door, matching curved shower screen, powered lifting seat and brassware comprising bath spout and two quarter turn tap valves. Left and right hand models available (left hand shown)

The use of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to limit incoming hot water temperature and prevent scalding is strongly recommended with this item. Please ask if you require more information.

VAT Relief

This product qualifies for relief from VAT but do you?

Please note, all prices stated for this product exclude VAT. If you qualify for relief the price you see is the price you pay.

If you do not qualify for relief please add VAT to the stated prices

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The Louisiana walk in bath can be specified as follows:


Bath with curved glass door (only)

Louisiana 1

Bath with curved glass door & curved matching shower screen

Louisiana 2

Bath with curved glass door & powered seat

Louisiana 3

Bath with curved glass door, matching curved shower screen & powered lifting seat

Louisiana Walk in Shower Bath price list

Available as:


ex VAT


- Bath with glass door (only)


Louisiana 1

- Bath with glass door & screen


Louisiana 2

- Bath with glass door & powered seat*


Louisiana 3

- Bath with glass door, screen & powered seat*



Optional Extras:


Side panel (long panel with door entry)


End panel each (please state which end)


Louisiana Spout & Taps set (as shown) TMV3


Auto Fill function 424.35

Factory fitted 14 jet warm air spa


Pop-up waste (replaces std chain waste) 36.80
Chromotherapy lighting 133.40
Built in sound system with Bluetooth connectivity 343.85

Louisiana 2&3 Commissioning normally 182.70 inc VAT



  • Modern, stylish design

  • Low-level access

  • P-shaped design provides an enlarged showering facility

  • Attractive glass entry door

  • Powered lifting seat

  • Lifetime door seal guarantee

  • Seat can be easily removed if required

  • Battery safeguard against power cut

  • Soft-touch seat lift controls


  • 1700 & 1500mm length options

  • Left or right hand options

  • 14 Jet warm air spa option

  • Full-height glass shower door

  • Chromotherpy lighting

  • Built in sound system with Bluetooth

  • Auto Fill Function

  • Contoured soft seat or hard seat options


Tip: If door is on right when sitting in bath it is a right-hand model



Brassware (Taps, Bath fillers or Bath/Shower mixers etc) are not included in the purchase price of this product. We can of course supply a range for you to choose from as optional extras or you are at liberty to source your own.

Please bear in mind, thermostatic protection to level TMV3 should be provided to protect the bather from the risk of serious scalding.

More information here.



The MONTANA bath is equipped with a powered lifting seat. For your peace of mind we offer a FREE visit* by a manufacturer's engineer at your convenience to give your installation a final check over for correct operation once installed.

(*Offer only available for mainland UK installations)

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Louisiana walk in bath and shower by Novellini