Easy Riser walk in bath

EASY RISER Walk in Bath with powered lifting seat

A slipper style full length walk in bath with powered lifting seat incorporating an assistive back rest

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The EASY RISER full length walk in bath with door

The Easy Riser walk in in bath offers a new level of style and comfort. Available in two distinctive styles - The Peninsula model and The Corner model.

Taking its inspiration from the period style 'slipper bath', the Easy Rider provides a level of comfort and assistance previously unavailable.

Features of the Easy Riser include a stylish wide entry door made of glass and a low step in height of only 165mm. The door opens inward to the roomy interior that boasts a powered lifting seat. The seat is equipped with a back support that gently lowers the bather from the sitting to the reclined position as it descends.

When Bath time is over the back support cleverly assists the bather back to the sitting position and then fully lifts.

Examples of both models are shown below. The Easy Riser 'Peninsular model' which has a fully rounded end and is suitable for 'end-on mid-wall installation' and The 'Corner' model' with an end that is squared to the adjacent wall and is suitable for corner installation.

Easy Riser walk in bath with powered lifting seat and assistive back support. The Easy Riser bath is entered via a wide glass door that opens inward.

Available in two styles, the Penninsula (shown here) and the Corner.

The Easy Riser walk in bath shown here as a 'corner' model with the optional hinged glass shower screen. Note how the bath installs square to the wall at both ends.

The Easy Risre bath his spacious with a large glass entrance door and a super low (150mm) setp in height. The powered lifting seat incorporates a back rest that gently reclines and raises the bather as the seat lifts.

With a design based on the period 'slipper style' baths, the Easy Riser is truely unique in the world of walk in baths.

Red and green lights provide visual confirmation that the glass door is securely locked shut.

Visual confirmation that the door is locked shut.

When the red light changes to green the electromagnetic door lock has the door firmly secured in the locked position.

A corder remote control handset provides easy operation of the lifting seat without the need to stretch for buttons - handy whether you are the user or a carer assistant.

Corded remote control handset

Enables the bather or carer to operate the lifting seat without stretching for control buttons.

Recline in your Easy Riser walk in bath and enjoy the warm air sap and chromotherapy options.

Easy Riser bath has a different profile allowing neat installation to a corner

Pictures above: The Peninsula style Easy Riser walk in bath. Although shown in a corner location, as the name suggests this version is supplied with wraparound panels fully enclosing the bath allowing it to be positioned with the tap end mid-wall (Below).

Pictured left: The Corner model Easy Riser is intended for corner installation and has a different end profile which returns to the adjacent wall.

Total Luxury in your Easy Riser walk in bath

Easy Riser can be customised with a range of options including a three speed 14 jet warm air spa, chromotherapy lighting, a built in Bluetooth speaker system, or sit back and enjoy the Auto Fill function.

During the manufacture of the Easy Riser walk in bath a silver based additive known as BioCote is added to the surface gel coat. This antimicrobial technology eliminates 99.9% of potential germs that cause infection including superbugs such as E.Coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

Because BioCote is integrated during manufacture it cannot be wiped off or warn away - unlike liquid disinfectants. As such, you can enjoy an enhanced level of hygiene and protection from microbes that are becoming resistant to traditional cleaning methods.

BioCote also helps keep your bath looking fantastic by protecting against stains, eliminating odours and increasing durability.

Features of the EASY RISER walk in bath:

  • Premium GRP Construction

  • Low access height

  • Slip resistant seat and base

  • Leak-free door with lifetime guarantee

  • Inward opening glass side entry door

  • Strong steel subframe

  • Left or right hand door entry

Options include:

  • Auto fill

  • 3 speed auto purge warm air spa

  • Chromotherapy light

  • Sound system (Bluetooth)

  • Hinged glass shower screen

  • Free on site commissioning*

*Limited Special Offer: For your peace of mind and to ensure perfect operation of your Easy Riser walk in bath we are currently offering FREE on site commissioning by a factory engineer once the bath is fitted.

(*Offer only available for mainland UK installations)

Capacity: 285 litres


Length: 1700mm

Width: 750mm
Height: 590mm

Step in height: ONLY 165mm

Dimensional Drawing

Click on player to see the

EASY RISER in action

As with all walk in baths we strongly recommend the use of a Thermostatically controlled taps or a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) on the hot water inlet of this bath to prevent scalding. If you require further information please ask. To view TMVs click here.





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