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 'Price Matching' - the new highway robbery




Has somebody offered you a price match?

So why weren't you offered a better price to start with?!!

Price promising is a game that requires YOU to do all the work.

You must prove to the seller that you can buy cheaper elsewhere. But why should you have to? Why would you go back to somebody who wanted to overcharge you in the first place??


The seller is attempting to charge as much as they can for the goods until you catch them at it. When you do, price promise tactics are deployed in an attempt appear credible and the price reduced to look like a favourable deal.

In reality you are dealing with a pickpocket.

Any business worth dealing with will offer you good service from the outset. Trying to extract as much money as possible from you is not good service.

If pre-sales tactics by a chancer shows little respect what will after-sales service be like?

Do you really want to be played? If you can't be offered a great deal straight away don't be conned into giving a pickpocket a second chance.


If you take up a price promise don't lose sight of who you're dealing with....

the person who you just caught trying to over-charge you!



Our advice is this:

  1. Buy from a company who offer a clear and honest price structure. They will already know what to charge if being the cheapest really matters to them.

  2. Avoid the cynical efforts of 'Price Promisers' - they could have offered you a better price all along and are now laughing up their sleeves that you've come back and still want to throw money at them!

  3. Being the cheapest does not make a company the best. Excellent service has a cost element which is often sacrificed in the chase to save a couple of pounds.

  4. Only buy from companies who specialise in the goods they sell. When, for example, when has anybody been expert in everything?? There are many companies around now who want to dabble in everything. If you report a technical problem to such a company can you expect to receive a technical response? To everything and anything??? Do you honestly think they will know what you are on about or will you spend an hour trying to get past the switchboard?? These outfits pile it high and sell it cheap - that's all they do.

  5. Don't entertain any trader that relies on Price Promising to do business. Apart from the shady nature of the practice, supporting the use of such tactics simply undermines the genuine and honest businesses that rely on your custom. Loose these and goodness knows what shape the marketplace will be in!

  6. DO NOT entertain companies who advertise a product without a price. When you sign up your details can be used for advertising and you may become prey to persistent sales agents. You are likely to be badgered and wildly overcharged. Don't be fooled or impressed by companies who use such words as 'age' or 'concern' in their title.

We are a company who know about the things we sell and lead the way by bringing you good customer service and genuinely low prices without having to be prompted?

We lead - Others follow

Low prices, friendly pre-sales advice and superb aftercare is all part of our standard service and has been for years.

It makes such a difference. Do you want to take the gamble?

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