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Leak free self contained shower cubicle enclosures


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Coram Shower Pods

Self contained leak free shower cubicle

Leaking showers are a thing of the past

At long last a little logical thinking has gone a long way towards the design of a shower pod that simply cannot leak. So much so in fact that the manufacturer is willing to guarantee the integrity of the pod for 25 years (Details).

By taking out of the equation all the factors that contribute to the inevitable failure of tile grout, adhesives and sealants you can relax in the knowledge that you won't become an unsuspecting victim of damp patches and mildew.

Coram Pods are available in a range of configurations - Square corner, Quadrant Corner and Alcove. They also install so much quicker than a traditional enclosure would as there's no tiling, no grouting, no mess and minimal plumbing. The assembly and installation time is a fraction by comparison. The pod even has thermostatic shower equipment pre-installed, you just need to connect to your supplies with flexible hoses. (Pods can be supplied without shower equipment if you'd prefer.)

Coram 800

Corner Shower Pod

Coram 850

Quadrant Shower Pod

Coram 800 corner shower pod

Coram 850 quadrant shower pod



Coram 950

Quadrant Shower Pod

Coram 800

Alcove Shower Pod

Coram 950 quadrant shower pod

Coram 800 alcove shower pod - Leak free guarantee



Coram 900

Alcove Shower Pod

Coram 1200

Alcove Shower Pod

Coram 900 alcove shower pod

Coram 1200 alcove shower pod



Coram 1200

Alcove walk-in pod


25 year manufacturer warranty

Note: The shower pods mentioned in this section have a normal height shower tray (to accommodate the waste outlet underneath the tray). The resulting height could cause concern for persons who find stepping up difficult. If this should be the case and you would still like a pod you might consider

  • the addition of an intermediate step at the entrance, or

  • opt for a lower tray type (this requires the waste to run under floor level). Please don't hesitate to enquire.

Exciting options on the Coram Shower Pod range

  • A new LOWLINE model giving an overall Pod height of 2040mm

  • Non-standard options such as door changes (e.g. pivot instead of bi-fold) and privacy/obscure glass instead of plain

  • 'Walk in' option on the 1200 Alcove model

  • Options of colours and granite effects on any of the shower pod models. Coram shower pods are now available in any colour

  • Marble finishes available on leak free shower pods from Coram

Additional fitting information

Whether you fancy a granite finish, wish to coordinate your pod with an existing coloured suite, or simply want to make a statement - For a small additional cost you can mastermind your shower creation in any colour You choose.

Coram shower pods available in any colour

Have your Coram shower pod supplied in any colour

Coram shower pods can be manufactured to match with any sample colour Coram shower pods in now available in colours to coordinate with existing bathroom suites


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